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Electrospindles for inside and outside grinding for round and flat

We design and manifacture new tecnology spindles and electrospindles for all future applications.

Our electrospindle grinding precision allows a high grade of refinement up to micron roughness, for very high performance engines. Every electrospindle is manifactured on customer’s specific request.

Our specialization is hydrostatic and hydrodynamic sustenance spindles and electrospindles manifacturing.
hydrostatic and hydrodynamic sustenance, compared to spindles with rolling bearings, offers:

  • absence of vibrations
  • improving run out precision
  • extremely lower roughness levels and constant in time
  • dynamic stiffness up to 3 times higher
  • low friction and no worn out with elimination of stopped machine as a result due to bearings substitution
    dovuti a sostituzione cuscinetti
  • autonomous thermal stabilization

All electrospindle may be equipped with:

  • HSK E25 to HSK A100
  • automatic tool change
  • automatic balancing
  • phonic wheel

We can give the customer complete ECU and dedicated cooling system.